Examine the Life of Lorenzo Snow


Latter_Leaves_in_the_Life_of_Lorenzo_Snow_Dennis_B_Horne_coverWelcome to the official website of Dennis B. Horne, author of Latter Leaves in the Life of Lorenzo Snow.

Examine the life of a pivotal prophet through the eyes of those who knew him best. This one-of-a-kind look at Lorenzo Snow includes extensive text written by Orson F. Whitney, for a contemporary perspective you won’t find anywhere else. Fascinating and informative, this well-researched volume is the definitive work on the prophet who brought our church into the twentieth century.

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Orson F. Whitney’s diary

From Orson F. Whitney’s diary:

Saturday, April 6, 1889
…Before the meeting commenced Apostle L. Snow came over to where I was sitting and told me he would accept a proposition I made to him some time ago to write an appendix to published autobiography—300 pages print for $1000, and would get his papers ready for me to begin. He thought my terms were reasonable and had no doubt my work would please him.

Saturday, June 8, 1889
Left Salt Lake for Brigham City on a visit to Pres. Lorenzo Snow, who has engaged me to write some supplementary chapters of his history. Arrived at about 9:40 (having departed at 6 am) and after taking breakfast at Sister Minnie J. Snow’s, went across the ranch to a house where Bro. Snow stays, separate and apart from his family. We had a very interesting conversation this day and the three days following, on “the mysteries”. He told me he had never unbossomed himself to mortal man as he had to me, considered me a close friend and a brother. He blessed me the day before [missing text] set [missing text] his history.

Wednesday, June 19, 1889
Several days since I commenced writing the book for Pres. Lorenzo Snow, in the interests of which I visited him at Brigham City recently.

March 17, 1890
Am busy at home, since going out of office, working on Bro. Lorenzo Snow’s biography. Am making rapid progress; have written 18 or 19 chapters in the last three weeks. I hope to finish by conference time.

Thursday, April 3, 1890
Had an interview with Pres. L. Snow at his daughters, Sister Dunford’s; he cordially renewed his invitation to me to visit Brigham City after conference and paid me $250 on acct, leaving $200 still due for my labor on his book after completion.

Friday, May 9, 1890
Left for Brigham City with my little son Horace, [carrying] the manuscript of “Later Leaves of the Life of Lorenzo Snow”—finished and ready for his inspection.